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There is a lot of talk about boundaries in the mental wellness arena. You might hear about it when you come across articles about co-dependency or substance abuse problems, but really, you don’t have to have either to be affected by boundaries.

Boundaries are simply stated as the line that is drawn in the sand about something that is your limit. It is where you have decided you will not cross the line or maybe where you will let someone cross the line.

We all have boundaries. Some examples are what you are willing to share with someone you’ve just met, what you are willing to share with an acquaintance or what you are open to sharing with someone you are close to. Boundaries also extend into the effort or energy we are willing to do for someone else. Examples of are what you are willing to do for a stranger, what you are willing to do to help out a friend or what you are willing to do for your spouse or family member.

The parts that we get into sticky situations with occur when we cross the fine line between doing something for someone else or sharing with someone and becoming unaligned with what really matters to us. We begin to place more effort into pleasing or protecting someone at the cost of our own happiness.

See, boundaries are very much about our personal intentions. When we are confused or lose sight of our intentions, our efforts and energy go askew and we can easily feel overwhelmed, burnt out and even develop resentment. My clients and I talk about boundaries all the time. My clients are always discovering and reconnecting to their lost intentions, which helps them to develop boundaries that are more attune to them in the present.

Maybe you feel like your efforts and energies have gone unnoticed. Maybe you’re wondering if where you are putting all your focus is even where you should be putting it. If this is the case for you, please reach out to schedule a free 15-minute consultation to find out what you’re missing.

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