Hello Mommies…and daddies!!!

So, we made it through the first week of school!!! Everyone give yourself a huge award for getting through it! It’s funny because back to school is such a momentous event that comes, sweeps us off our feet, and then bammm lays us out on the floor. It’s like a storm we can see coming and get swept up in the eye of the it.

It’s an event that is filled with mixed emotions.

For parents it’s mixed thought that include:
“Gosh, my kid is getting older or my kiddo just keeps getting older”
Doing the mad dash to grab new school year threads and kicks
Getting the latest classroom supply list (which is new to me because my parents didn’t have to worry about that when i was a kid…and i’m totally aging myself)
And not to mention helping your kiddos with their own set of mixed emotions about returning or entering school.

For kiddos the range of emotions can be equally spread across the board:
“Am I going to get along/like my new teacher(s)”
“Am I going to get along/make new friends this year”
“Am I going to be dealing with the same teasing as last year”
“Are the other kids going to like me”
“Is so and so still going to be my friend”

These are just a range of thoughts and emotions that swirl around in our minds as we enter the first week of school. Then, during the days of the first week we are proving or disproving all of these thoughts, assumptions, concerns through our encounters with our environment at school and at home.

There is a lot of pressure to “make sure everything went ok”.

So, as we walk into the weekend it is so important to take extra great care of ourselves and our kiddos. Don’t push the limit. Instead use a few of these tips to care for each other and help with the transition back into the school groove.

Take is easy this weekend.
Plan few activities.
Get out and get some fresh air together, take your mind off of the obvious and enjoy the nice weather doing something you love (ie. going for a picnic, taking a walk, going for a bike ride, swimming, the beach)
As tempting as it might be to do the fast-food thing for convenience, focus on eating well-balanced meals.
TAKE YOUR TIME, don’t rush into tasks/chores/activities…take your time. You owe it to yourself and the kiddos to take it easy. It’s been a big week.
So, now you’ve got a plan.
Basically…it’s to take care of yourself and your kiddos by taking it easy this first weekend after school has started.

If you have any questions about how things went the first week back to school for you or you kiddo let me know. You can send me a message, email or call. Or if things went super well I’d love to hear about that too.


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