Great Places to Start

It’s the second day for 2019!!!!

I just can’t believe it! But at the same time I totally thrilled about the year starting and getting going on this year’s goals.

I have heard a mix of responses from people when they talk about their goals for 2019. I’ve gotten responses ranging from shear excitement, inspiration, motivation to some from the other side of the spectrum. Most of those statements look like, “I don’t even bother” or “what’s the point?”

In my experience the latter response comes from a place of not knowing where to start. Making change can be difficult. For some it’s not knowing where to begin. For others it’s more about having a lack of support for the change they want to make. Some, it’s both.

Making change also has an internal component to it. While some individuals are confident in themselves and have a strong foundation for which they are not easily deterred by making mistakes or easily discouraged when their limits are tested; some need to develop this in conjunction with the process of their change.

When making change, it’s important to understand that the change you are making is new to you. ACKNOWLEDGE that you are trying something you have never done before, so you may not know everything about it. And rather than punishing yourself for not knowing, extend yourself some compassion and take a break.

Taking a BREAK is so important. I’m referring to taking small breaks. When we embark on making change we instantly think change will happen in a flash. Change occurs as a process, it is a journey, and there are moments instilled in the process through natural forces that are meant as stopping points. I like to refer to these more as the little “points of interest” – like those spots you see off the side of the highway to stop and check out the view. These moments are just the same, meant to provide a moment of reflection, insight into our growth, pick up a clue or directions to the next point.

ENCOURAGEMENT is vital to making the change you desire. This includes support. When we embark on to making change it’s so important to solicit support, because well let’s face it, it’s hard to be our own cheerleaders. So, meeting new people, making new friends who already do what you want to do is important to making the change you want. For example, new mothers would want to make friends with other women who are new mothers, because life changes and women who are new mothers would be able to relate to other new mothers. When I decided to take up my husband’s hobby to rock climb I needed more that him and his expert buddies as support. I needed to connect to other female climbers, because the truth is that yes my husband and his friend know alot about the sport; but there are some things I would be able to relate to more from other female climbers. This isn’t only gender specific. Individuals who are embarking on health and fitness would fair better with achieving their goals connected to other people who are also on their own journey with health and fitness. So, connect to others who share your goal, it makes a difference.

These are just a few places to start with your New Year goals. Still don’t know where to start? Having trouble getting things off the ground? Let me know! Send me a message or email. Let’s get you to where you want to be for 2019!!!!

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