In recent days we have heard some news that has really had an impact on ideas of our own mortality. When well known individuals, who have put themselves out there for us to get to know have suddenly been taken away from us we can been deeply affected without realizing it. These events can stir up emotions that are rarely there and can take us down a talespin we weren’t prepared to go on.


I have noticed this take place time and time again, in the media as well as in my personal life.

This drumms up the notions, “not for me. It’s not for me.” I’m talking about this simple statement that we tell ourselves when this concept of talking to someone, like a therapist or a counselor, is brought up. “It’s not for me. I don’t need to talk to someone about this. I got this. That is for someone else. Someone who isn’t as strong as me. Someone who doesn’t have their shit together. Someone who….”


We have all these reasons why not to get help.


Here’s the thing. Therapy is for everyone. It is events like this that you should be reaching out to someone to talk to about how it is affecting you. Talking leads to healing.


There is a stigma to therapy because it is attached to fear. Fear that what is felt is wrong.


Things that people seek therapy for are typically a compilation of events that have surmounted to a level that is intolerable any more. Things such as stress, despair, worrying, doubt, loneliness, disconnection, and more.


More often what happens is that these “things” get swept under the rug and it’s on to other distracting tasks to keep the mind and body busy. This approach later on leads to health issues, which then adds another layer to these “things” we were trying to forget.


The cycle keeps going until it breaks us down further and further…and then we begin to lose sight of why or what was bothering us in the first place. Because by now…we have a mountain of evidence to prove why our life sucks and why we aren’t good enough. And this is an even harder place to get out of than dealing with the initial hurt in the first place.


So, to say “It isn’t for me”, well that’s not true. Because anyone who feels and experiences events that lead to periods of stress, despair, worrying, doubt, loneliness, or disconnect and more is right for therapy.

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