The top most talked about topics in my office are: love, relationships, loss, growth, family.

It’s hard to believe that I get to talk all day long with people about these everyday topics. There is a lot of laughter and tears shed in my office over them.

So, what do we talk about regarding these topics?  

We talk about everything and anything that has to do with them. Everyone who sits across from me is looking for ways to make things better in one or more of these areas. They know something isn’t working for them because they can feel it and they notice that they aren’t getting the results they want. Whether it’s having a closer more intimate relationship with their partner or having better luck with the partners they are choosing to be in relationships with. Other times it’s about finding healing about the loss of a relationship or even work.

It’s interesting because when I’m chatting with some friends and acquaintances they are often surprised to hear that I work with individuals who are wanting more out of their careers. How does therapy help them with that? “It’s simple!”, I say. Work is very much a part of our lives. I’d say we spend the majority of our time working. There is a lot of pressure to make sure that our careers provide everything we need these days: income to sustain our cost of living, benefits for health, retirement plans; are just a few. Work also provides a sense of purpose, social outlets, and personal growth. If these things are lacking in some way we often feel discord which can significantly impact our wellbeing.

Growth is a huge topic discussed in my office. Clients are there to grow. Often they comment that their growth in therapy surpasses the expectations that they had prior to starting their journey. This is one of the most incredible and amazing pieces of therapy that I am privy to with my clients. They are always shocked when they leave having learnt that they left with more than they expected.

Family is another highly discussed topic. There is a range from one extreme to another about all the things talked about with family. But one thing that is certain is that healing is always closely associated with the topic of family; and we spend quite a good deal talking about and developing healing about it.

What about you? How are things going for you in these areas of your life? Are you wanting to improve, find healing, growth about any of these? Let me know!!! I’d love to hear from you!!! Send me a message, leave a comment or give me a call!


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