Saying No to Your Hubby without hurting his feelings

Ways to Say No to Sex with Your Husband without Hurting His Feelings

Ladies, we love our husbands… and we often enjoy ourselves with them. So, it’s no surprise to feel a little uneasy when we have to turn down their advance towards us.

Here are some simple tips for telling him no and not hurting his feelings at the same time:

Tone is everything.

This is so important when expressing your declination. If we snap and react harshly towards their advance, we are sending a message of rejection that may be received more intensely. Be gentle and sweet.

Communication is paramount.

Sharing with your hubby why right now is not a good time helps him to understand where you are coming from. If it’s not the right time because you are busy multitasking or decompressing from work or just not in the mood, share with him what is going on for you with softness and sincerity.

Think of alternatives.

This goes for suggesting another time in the near future or other forms of connecting and spending time together. Sex isn’t the only form of connection and pleasure. Explore other ways you both enjoy sexual pleasure and intimacy.

If you find yourself saying no to sex more often than yes, then start thinking about they why. If you’re struggling to pin down a reason for this, click here to schedule a consultation with me and we can explore this together!

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